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Recent Entries

10/13/08 12:45 am

Happy Massive Genocide of Indigenous People Day. No class! 

10/2/08 07:30 pm

I'm not at work and people are awake and stores are still open.

This is nice. 

9/24/08 11:34 am

Oh and

Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair - just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with the picture.

9/24/08 11:14 am

This made me laugh with the same sort of squirming uneasiness Cabin Fever evoked.  Fucked up part is...I've seen scarily similar stuff in reality. 

9/23/08 02:43 am

Sleep should happen.  I prefer tinkering.

7/12/08 06:20 am

My brother is in Guatemala.
I am in Lakewood.
My brother is making his way through markets and fruit stands, weaving through Mayan ruins and small villages, stammering broken Spanish and translating broken English with old relatives, drinking and engaging and learning from new ones.
I am in Lakewood, Independence, North Olmsted. Home, work, old home. Sleeping on my living room futon, typing in my shared cubicle, grocery shopping in my parent's refrigerator and cupboards.

5/19/08 12:18 am

Permission granted!

Possible new tattoo.

5/16/08 04:35 am

All I need is this and this

5/15/08 01:15 am

I have this friend, Will, who I see about three times a year, mostly in the CSU library. Freshman year of college we bonded over our love of some dangerously thin and brooding hipster with a stuttering problem that was in our writing workshop.

Sometimes we call each other, Will and I. Usually one of us is drunk. Tonight he called me, sober, and once again we approached the subject that birthed our sporadic friendship:

Will: While not of loose morals, I could hardly be called picky. I'm of that poetic breed that can become absorbed by many things.

Oh, I understand. I'm pretty open minded. Too fuckin open minded.


Yeah. I think that's my problem. I find major faults endearing. Like "Oh, you're a homicidal vegan meth head that litters and hates children? That's so refreshing. I think I'm in love with you."

Will: Hey, you bitch, I'm a vegan.

Natalia: Marry me?

Will: Why, my morally based dietary restrictions?

Natalia: No. Your verbal abuse. Seriously, do me. Now.

Will: You scare me.

5/14/08 01:51 am

Boredom will do this.
It's safe to say, however, that I really don't mind seeing this little lady every day.
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